About Page ImageWelcome to my page! Unlike other travelers who quit their jobs and travel around the globe, I maintain a stable job and living in a place I considered as my second home, the city of Dubai. I am a Hotelier by trade and a traveler at heart. Single by choice and happy chasing my own dreams and passions in life.

Traveling doesn’t mean you need to quit your job. Some people write and make a living of blogging. They are very lucky for that. But its not the same for everyone. I am a full time employee and I want to let the world know that you can travel even you have a work. You don’t need to be rich to see the world.Travel is my dream, my desire and at the same time I have also a life of working, be connected to the society. I want to share few of my travel pictures, experiences, adventures, my memories. I hope this blog will give readers the insight of how beautiful our world is.

” It’s better to see  something once, than to  hear about it a thousand times”- Asian Proverb


There will come a time in our life when we feel tired and suffocated in every day’s routine. Take the opportunity to travel. You’ll not get another chance and no matter what time or day or year, there will always be a reason not to go, so I guess when its time to go, don’t hesitate. You’ll come back as a different person. A better person with a better understanding and respect on the people around you, you’ll learn to value the things you have, the achievements you have accomplished. You’ll know the culture, you’ll treasure the experience, the adventure, the struggles and you’ll find friends that sometimes will stay and check with you once in awhile and most you will find yourself.

Life is so beautiful and good.

Enjoy and explore the world while you can and let us share our stories.

Meet me, share with me, travel with me, join me!

If you have questions, you can send an email to me: wanderinglass2016@gmail.com

(Note: There are grammar bullies around the globe, my English / grammar is NOT perfect at all and I don’t claim that I know everything)