Border Crossing From Romania To Serbia

I had a wonderful visit to Dracula’s castle while in Brasov and decided to go to Belgrade, Serbia. This is how I crossed the border:

I went to the train station in Brasov two hours before my intended departure. I know that there is a night train as per what I have read on previous articles and reviews of some travellers but be sure to double check in advance. Some Spanish travellers missed their train to Sighisoara and opted to go in other towns/cities of Romania. The train Brasov to Arad takes nine hours and then Arad to Timisoara for an hour and a half. The cost as what you can see below is 89.35 Romanian Lei (RON) or 22$ for a total of more than 10hours train ride. Yes! that’s ten hours.

Brasov to Timisoara

Brasov-Arad-Timisoara train ticket

I arrived in Timisoara, Romania  around 7:05 am. You need to buy your ticket as soon as you reach the station.

For Timisoara to Beograd (Belgrade, Serbia/ Serbija), you can buy your ticket at Timisoara Nord station. Time was not written on the train ticket but as per the lady at the counter, train leaves after 30minutes. Cost of ticket 41.90 Romanian Lei (RON) or 11$. We departed around 7:35am. The station and the train looks very new, modern. There are no facilities yet at the station (maybe there are, but still close. No time to wander)

timisoara nord

Timisoara Nord Station

timisoara- vsrac train

Timisoara – Beograd train

timisoara to beograd ticket

Timisoara – Beograd train ticket

After one hour and thirty minutes we (other travellers), reached Stamora Moravita- Romania side around 9:05am. Officers will collect your passport and will return within 10-15 minutes with an exit stamp.

stamora moravita

Stamora Moravita

Dawn in the middle of nowhere. Endless fields. Thousand acres of shrubs and few trees, sometimes abandoned factories, houses and churches.

train ride Romania to Serbia

Stamora Moravita – Vrsac

Romania is one hour ahead of Serbia (time zone).

After 45 minutes, 8:50am (9:50am Romanian Time), we reached the border town of Vrsac, Serbia where you need to wait for your train to Beograd (Belgrade). Some wrote that there is a bus from Vrsac, but based on my experience, it was not bus but still, a train.

VsracTrain Station (1)

Vsrac Train Station



VsracTrain Station (2)

Vrsac Train


Train to Beograd (Belgrade)

We waited for almost 40 minutes for the train. Train looks very modern. I did not expect that at all.

The train from Vrsac will go to Železnička Stanica Beograd Dunav. Reached past 11am. This is NOT the main station. From there I took a taxi which cost 700 Serbian Dinar (RSD)/ (6$) going to my hostel which is located in front of the main train station- Železnička Stanica Beograd Glavna . I don’t know if that price was too much for a taxi but because I was carrying a heavy luggage and I was so tired, that was my best option.

Romania to Serbia

Total of 16 hours travel . No wonder my eye bags are getting worse. Haggard, but for me, it was a great experience.

Let me know of your border crossing experience/s.

Enjoy Travelling.


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