Train Ride Serbia to Montenegro

I was early at Zeleznicka Stanica Beograd Glavna (Belgrade Train Station) to collect my bag that I left at the luggage storage and for my train departure to Montenegro. There is no exact name on the train and if ever there is, that  would be in Cyrillic language. I asked someone wearing a train uniform and he showed me the platform. I bought a bottle of water, some snacks and chocolates. There is only one train departing everyday and that would be at 9:10am. I bought my ticket a day before to be sure.


Belgrade Train Station



ready to go

The train is 6-coach which I shared with Fr. Mikajlo and his assistant, two ladies which did not stay in the cabin and a young man who is very fluent in English and used to do all the translations for me and Fr. Mikajlo. We talked about family,religion, culture, law and politics. Fr. Mikajlo and his assistant were very kind, they shared their foods such as breads, sweets and Serbian apples. They were also supportive if I will take pictures and would tell me the name of the towns we stopped for few minutes. The only word that I remeber is saying thank you which is “Hvala” in Serbian.


Priboj Serbia


Cemetery-Priboj Town


Priboj Town

The train ride is 10 hours. Yes!that is right 10 hours, but you will not get bored inside the train. The train will pass to many towns such as Prijoj, Prijepolje, forests, bridges, tunnels some part of Bosnia and to the Montenegro border of Dobrakovo Bijelo Polje which they will collect your passports and they will stamp.






They told me that they wished the train window glass was cleaner, so I can take a better picture. I manage to capture some nice landscapes and towns (clear).




There is a restaurant where you can sit for awhile, have some coffee, lunch and dinner. They offer liquors as well. They have an English and Serbian menu.









Kumanica Monastery


Kumanica Monastery




It was past 9pm when I reached Bar Montenegro- this is the last stop of the train route. The Serbian train ride to Montenegro is possibly one of the best train ride. Not only seeing the landscapes and natural beauty of Serbia and Montenegro but the experience itself on the train is absolutely fun.

16 responses to “Train Ride Serbia to Montenegro

  1. I have only taken the part from Podgorica to the mountains in Montenegro ( ), but I agree with you: one of the most beautiful train rides possible. And not even expensive.

    On a train, I don’t mind the time. You have enough space to stretch your legs, there is a restaurant car, the scenery is beautiful and if you take some books, it’s like moving in your living room.

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  2. Wow 10 hours on a train! I wonder how I would fare on the journey. Definitely adding Serbia and Montenegro to my list! The list of countries you have visited is amazing, well done for being so well-travelled! 🙂

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