A Long Term Goals – BucketList

Everyone has its own dreams, goals, a to-do list, and some we have this “bucket-list’.

Yes, I am contented working full time and also I travel. I have met on the road some who has been travelling for 24months or 3years and there are some stories attached to that which I will not mention here on how they survive BUT to be honest I can’t do that. There are also blogs from different sites saying how you will feel after being on the road for long time, some also write how their blogs turned them millionaires, some how they started their love story and blogging and be able to travel the world, and some are satisfied being a solo male or female traveler. I like travelling solo most of the the time.

What I know is, Travel blogs will always be inspiring and encouraging. That matters (I guess).

Since I am am a full time employee, my bucket list varies I guess from others but still no one can predict. It might come true and I might be able to do most of the things listed no one knows. Here’s I would love to do,  its not in order:

  1. Hike or Visit Machu Picchu
  2. Hotair Balloon in Myanmar
  3. Paragliding in Pokhara Nepal
  4. See Taj Mahal
  5. See Chichen Itza and other North American Countries
  6. Be able to build my dream house
  7. Backpacking in Africa
  8. Be able to step on the seven continents
  9. Bungy/bunjee Jumping in Macau ‘In the Sky of Macau”
  10. Skydiving in Dubai
  11. Visit Brazil, Bolivia and other South American countries.
  12. Continue to learn skiing.
  13. Learn how to paint/canvass/oil
  14. Wild safari in Kenya & Tanzania
  15. Visit Australia, New Zealand & Oceania
  16. Learn flamenco in Spain
  17. Want to explore Morocco- some filming places.
  18. Want to stay in Maldives All-Inclusive Resort
  19. Cruise vacation
  20. Want to ride some vintage cars in Havana Cuba.
  21. Visit the Holy Land
  22. Be able to take my parents (whole family) to visit one nice island in Philippines.
  23. Settle down, get married and have kids (hopefully someone with same interest in life)

Our life is our story. Make it the most beautiful story.

As of now, I have only 23 on my bucketlist. Can’t think of anything else at this time.

17 responses to “A Long Term Goals – BucketList

  1. A great bucket list. And well advanced. Though I agree with most your points, I strongly recommend NO backpacking in Africa. Not safe. Though I definitely recommend a safari in Kenya or Tanzania. (I lived there, it is gorgeous.)

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  2. I love your bucket list and it inspires me to capture mine. It is also wonderful to see how many you have achieved! I hope you will be able to see NY etc. one day. Egypt is the top of my bucket list!

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