My First Visit to Bangkok – Thailand

Thailand is very famous for its beaches, islands, foods, night life and it is the main route for most backpackers who are just starting their ways to the world. This is the route on what is known as the Southeast Asia travel route.(I learned this later on when I get addicted to travelling)

When I first visited Bangkok year 2011, I did not pay so much attention on what I will see and what I will do. I focused on just seeing Bangkok, be there and see the place. Little did I know I am missing a lot of things and opportunities about the country.


Okay. So I was in Bangkok. I guess the best thing I did and I felt happy about it was taking a boat ride for 1900Thai Baht. I don’t know if that was okay or I have been ripped off because I didn’t even search or read about Bangkok before coming over which is really a big mistake.

The boat tour includes, a visit to the crocodile farm which only few visitors or tourist were there. Nothing much to see to be honest. The tour includes the snake show or the cobra show and again only few tourist were there. I guess that tour was not the recommended tours or first choice of travelers.

One thing I like about Asia or Southeast Asia is the food. The sea foods in all types of dishes is very affordable. I ate mostly inside the food court of the malls and never tried other restaurants which is really a big mistake.

Bangkok is very humid, same as Philippines and traffic is everywhere. The one thing I like about Bangkok is nothing else but shopping which actually I can do in Dubai but the prices is way cheaper and its an export quality. You will find everywhere the Tuk-Tuk which is the easiest transportation that you can bargain to go everywhere.

I did some shopping in Pratunam, The Platinum Mall. Prepare to take a trolley with you and to bargain. The rest of the day, I went to temples around the main city. Not the main or famous temples, just any temples around and did some donations or offerings. I did not even pay so much attention what I am seeing and the history of the temple.

Bangkok itself has more than 10 temples. This is Wat Benchamabophit Dusitwanaram temple. Its in the main street in the main shopping area of Bangkok.

I can see it now that I have missed a lot of things about Bangkok and nearby towns or cities. I will be back for sure to explore more of the country.

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