Stop Over in Shanghai

Shanghai China : is a popular tourist destination with European touch, historical landmarks and many skyscrapers.


For some, stop-over or lay over is very tiring and inconvenient, but for me I considered it as a bonus to explore a country/ town.  If  you’re looking to visit more than one city on a trip, using a stopover can save money.

On my way to Philippines from Dubai, I had to stop over in 2 towns/cities. One in Kunming, China and in Shanghai for 11 hours. I arrived past noon in Shanghai. I have read  the possible/ easiest way to reach some tourist attractions for a limited time. First, I took the Maglev Train (Magnetic Levitation) from Shanghai Pudong International Airport which cost 50YUan (US$8)/ one way going to Longyang Road.  I was with a friend -Sarah, whom I met in the Dubai Airport. We have  the same travel schedules.

From Longyang Road, we took a taxi going to Yu Garden. Only few people speak English and when we asked about the prices/fares, they will show the amount in calculator/ mobile calculator. The taxi operator charged us 100Yuan, but I showed using the calculator that it should be around 40Yuan only or by taxi meter. He agreed by taxi meter. We reached the Yu Garden for 35 YUan , but we paid 40YUan.

Yu Garden or Yuyuan Garden (means Garden of Happiness) is located in the old town area of Shanghai

We first entered into Shanghai City God Temple. Admission fee: 10Yuan. According to the introduction, it is an important Taoist temple in Shanghai and was built in the Ming Dynasty Yongle period.

You can find restaurants, many shops, Teahouse, Huge Rockery inside Yuan Garden. Prepare to bargain and check for the cheapest price before deciding to what to buy.Bought some lucky charms-Tiger’s eyes, embroidery, lotions, some souvenirs and soaps.Next, we went to visit The Bund

The Bund is a waterfront area in Shanghai facing the skycrapers of Pudong.

There are many buildings with  European Designs- Gothic, Romanesque, Renaissance, and Baroque Style. Many Bars and Banks too.Walking around, I tried some meat bread which cost only 3Yuan.

East Nanjing Road is Shanghai’s main shopping street for fashion seekers. You can find whatever you want from High-end brands to the cheapest products.

There are so many things to do and see in Shanghai but I have few hours only.

Maybe next time. Shanghai I’ll see you again.


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